No sign of my Lightroom upgrade

Looking around the blogosphere, it seems a lot like most Rawshooter Premium owners have had their emails offering their Adobe Photoshop Lightroom upgrades already. Not me. I just sent a support request to Adobe asking where it is.

In the meantime, I’ve downloaded the trial version as advised in the FAQ. I haven’t actually fired it up yet though, as I’m needing to transfer my library from Windows. Plan is to upgrade the Windows beta version to 1.0 using the trial version; and then work out how to transfer it across to the Mac (I can’t find any pointers on how to do this, unfortunately… and since I’ve been using LR for a while now, I really would rather not lose my existing library).

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4 thoughts on “No sign of my Lightroom upgrade”

  1. You can export a Binder from the Library menu, which will export everything, including the metadata and then you can import the Binder on your Mac. It’s very straightforward. It will even burn to disc automatically, if you want it to.

  2. Jon, great information, I hadn’t needed to look at Binders previously. The only thing I wonder is how it will cope with Gb of data – maybe I need to transfer the Binder to a network share and down onto the Mac? I’ll have a play when I can.

  3. I shoved the binder I created on to my iPod and used that to xfer my library to my Mac.

    I also create binders of new shoots and xfer them to the other computer and keep the libraries synced.

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