Lunar eclipse

Blood moon

Originally uploaded by andyp uk.

After going out for a very pleasant Italian meal with friends at Il Colosseo in Farnborough last night, we came back to our place and popped outside to view the eclipse. I took this shot using my tripod and the long end of my 55-200mm lens on a 1.3sec exposure… quite a nice result, I think.

5 responses to “Lunar eclipse

  1. awesome shot!


  2. That’s really sharp! How did you stop the shutter from shaking the camera?


  3. Well I could have locked the mirror up… but I didn’t think of that… so the answer is “luck”.


  4. nice shot… I was up in london seeing the fratellis, so we had to catch a glimpse from Paddington… would have been nice to have tried some shots on it.. whens the next one ? šŸ˜‰


  5. different4me

    you can take a photo of the moon?
    That’s amazing.

    I’m buying a new camera šŸ™‚
    at some point


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