Going 28mm – new glass

I briefly twitter’ed last week that I’d got my hands on a Canon EOS 28mm f/2.8 prime lens. I won it on ebay, and as well as being in great condition and working out cheaper than retail, it came with a hood and a skylight filter. The reviews of the lens indicate that it is technically OK… again I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I went for a good deal on a basic lens. Having bought a 50mm prime last year, I wanted something a little wider. Ideally I’d get something much wider, but anything in the 10-22mm range is a significant degree more expensive.

I’ve thrown a few test shots up on Flickr. Viewed at full size, you can see just how much detail is being captured. Parts of the image do look a little soft, but in general I’m impressed.

Guildford Road East

Plus, I’ve posted a couple of shots of the lens on the camera… unfortunately they show just how beaten up my camera is getting 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Going 28mm – new glass”

  1. I find “petal” hoods are better for wide angles (and look way cooler :-P), but the fact it came with one is just a bonus I guess.
    If you’re ever stuck for a lens hood by the way may I suggest http://www.lenshoods.co.uk/canon.php ?

    For the money I fairly impressed with the quality – especially in the centre – of that 28mm and by all accounts it’s fairly light. I have heard that it’s fairly noisy and slow to focus – care to comment?

    You’re right that getting into the 10-22 range is expensive, but it is absolutely worth it. IMHO the Canon is astonishingly good and I don’t for a moment regret the considerable sum mine cost me back in September. It is hugely fun to use either indoors, or out – or even while driving.

    Start saving now ! 😉
    (Apologies for the photo-pimping…)

  2. Thanks for the comments martyc.

    The paper lens hoods are cool – might have to roll one of those for my 55-200mm.

    The lens is indeed pretty light – no more noisy or slow than the 50mm (which is also a cheapo build though).

    The UWA looks very cool indeed… and on ebay can be picked up considerably cheaper than UK retail… I’ve read good things about the Sigma equivalent, too. Still, there are other things to save up for first 🙁

  3. Still, there are other things to save up for first
    Yeah, I know that feeling. :-/

    I meant to say also, that the 28mm is interesting to me as it is more closely a normal than any other focal length available except the Sigma 30mm f/1.4.
    I’ve always felt the nifty fifty was a touch too long for that role on an APS-C camera, but the 28 as I think your test shots show makes an excellent travelling light all-purpose lens.

  4. @martyc Lens hoods dont just help with sunspots, they also protect the lens when they get bumped. This is the #1 reason why I only use rubber lens hoods… because they absorb shock.

    I dont think a piece of paper would provide any protection whatsoever.

    I’ve been pining for that 10-22mm EF-S. It will definately be my next buy, but since its only been 3 months since I got my 70-200mm IS i’ll be waiting a while 🙁

  5. Hey,

    I am also on a tiny budget for my photography, so I understand exactly how you feel…

    To make matters worse, the country I live in (South Africa) has huge markups on all photographic equipment… the prices can be anything up to twice as much as US or UK…

    I have been contemplating whether to get the 28mm 2.8 or the 50mm 1.8 for some time now, and just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience (and sample pictures) with them… I have decided to get the 28mm… The pictures look great!

    This page helps a lot, as I also have a 350D…

    Good luck with future snapping;)


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