Daily Archives: April 4, 2007

Things that annoy me about OS X

To act as a bit of balance against the Apple fanboy posts you may have been reading on this blog lately, here are a few of the things that have disturbed my sense of peace as an OS X user.

  1. Aqua / Metal / what? Running OS X 10.4, I see a mixture of different window styles. A couple of apps like iTunes, Safari and Vienna use the Brushed Metal look (which, by the way, I don’t particularly like). Others like Firefox use Aqua. It is inconsistent and stupid.
  2. Plugging in my USB headset causes a very, very long pause… first time I did it, I actually decided that the Mac had crashed and powered it off. Also, the sound input/output doesn’t switch to automatically use the headset, I have to open System Preferences and change it myself. It makes using Skype and the Second Life voice beta really tiresome.
  3. Oh, and that reminds me: backlevel applications. Skype is at 2.5.x level on OS X, lagging behind 3.x on Windows. Neooffice is a version behind OpenOffice.
  4. Still on the subject of applications, Firefox has a gaping memory leak (mind you, I think this applies to all platforms, not just OS X), and colour management issues. I could be a good Apple user and switch to Safari, but then I’d lose the extensions I want to use, even if I did reach colour-accurate nirvana.
  5. And finally: I can just drag-and-drop new programs to the Applications folder, can I? And drag them to the trash to remove them? Well, it seems I still end up running quite a few installer programs. That wouldn’t be so bad, but then how do I get rid of all of the stuff I presume that they have scattered elsewhere on my disk (i.e. outside of the Applications folder)? Can’t find any uninstallers.

Incidentally, this was posted from Windows, using Windows Live Writer, which is still streets ahead of ecto in terms of ease of use (although I concede that ecto is very nice – maybe I still don’t “get” the Mac way of working).