MOO Notecards

The awesome MOO have moved on from their wildly successful Minicards to produce Notecards – 10cm square cards which you can post, and which stand up with a little folding flap to one side.

I just ordered my first pack, and at the same time ordered my 3rd box of Minicards – not quite in time for my trip to Las Vegas next week, which is a shame – think I’ll run out during the week, I only have about 20 left from the current batch.

The very easy-to-use interface has seen some interesting tweaks, too.

You can now choose your buddy icon, no icon, or a range of icons with flashes like “invitation”, “new baby”, the Creative Commons logo etc., on both the Notecards and the Minicards. You can also have MOO fill in photo details from Flickr (title, date etc.) instead of just putting freeform text on the cards, and they have a tiny URL system so that people can find your images online with minimal fuss.

I like it. They know how to win my continuing custom.

5 thoughts on “MOO Notecards”

  1. A word of warning on using flickr details – if the text it grabs (most likely title) is too long it will just get truncated, and not neatly, sometimes halfway through a character. So if you choose a pic with a long title it might be worth retitling it.

    Other than that they are great, and those notecards look spiffy too, may have to try those out.

  2. Good advice, I hadn’t thought about the length of the title string. I’m using titles on the Notecards, but so far I’m putting contact details rather than image details on the Minicards.

  3. Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment – hope you like them. I guess I won’t see mine until at least next weekend when I get back from my current travels 🙁

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