WebSphere Services Technical Conference 2007 begins

Today I flew in to Las Vegas for the start of our annual IBM Software Services for WebSphere gathering (WSTC 2007). I’ll be blogging the conference where possible, and adding the tag wstc2007 to related posts.

The direct Virgin flight from Gatwick is long, but it makes a real difference to get straight here instead of going via LA, Chicago, or wherever, giving the carriers a chance to misplace luggage on the way. The trip was uneventful, except for the excitement of catching up with people I’ve not see for a long while. So far I’ve only spent time with fellow UK-based ISSW consultants, the US folks arrive tomorrow (including my fellow speaker for our talk on Wednesday, the noted Mr Jeff Lowrey).

I processed a whole batch of photos on the flight, and have begun to upload them to Flickr… I was also able to share my Moo card with a fellow Canon photographer in the next seat.

Looking forward to learning more about the present and future of the WebSphere platform this week, and I’ll share what I reasonably can.

Fighting fatigue and trying to stay awake as long as possible right now… makes a change from the insomnia I suffered from last week!

Posted whilst at Rio Hotel & Casino [ plazes.com ]

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