Early views from WSTC

New York from the freeway

Around 1800 WebSphere consultants are currently holed up in Las Vegas learning about the future of the WebSphere platform and the IBM software portfolio. Dave Currie managed to join us, which I wasn’t expecting. Mind you, looking at his blog, he also managed to make the photo outing to Marwell on Satudary, which I missed due to flying out here.

It has been good event so far. I managed to get together with a bunch of the US people last night – amongst them, MQSeries.net message board legends like Jeff Lowrey and Wayne Schutz. I also floated around some groups of the UK consultants, good to catch up with what people have been doing.

Today has been the first full day of the conference. The keynote about futures was delivered by Jerry Cuomo – I’d not heard Jerry speak before, and he was very engaging. There’s some very cool stuff happening… it is going to be a very busy week trying to catch up with it all. 

There’s a huge buzz around Web 2.0 amongst my colleagues here, and it is great to talk to people such as Matt Perrins about user interfaces when I’m more typically looking at enterprise payment systems, legacy integration etc..

I’m always keen to broaden my horizons at events like this, so although I’ll be speaking on Message Broker on Wednesday, I also want to dip into as many other things as possible. This morning I spent some time refreshing my memory of PHP using an image based on the Grandma’s LAMP stack on Xubuntu, which was interesting (once I’d installed a usable text editor…) – nice to get my hands dirty with some code, I’m sure I’ll be in various strategy sessions during the rest of the week 🙂

Currently listening to Kareem Yusuf speaking on SOA – interesting given my recent reading!

Incidentally, if you are here at the conference: I want to meet you – so please come and say hi, whether we’ve spoken before or not… see you around the corridors or at one of the networking receptions. I’m also blogging the conference in detail on the internal blogging server, so go check BlogCentral for more. If you don’t know what that is, come and ask me 🙂

I’ll do my best to provide updates during the week…

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