WSTC, day two: doing the Dojo

Using the boring title before Dave Currie can use it…

When I come out to a WebSphere conference I’m always looking to do something a little different. As Dave mentioned in his post yesterday, there’s a lot of talk and coverage about Web 2.0, AJAX, JSON and so forth. So, for the most part, today I’ve been looking at technologies such as Dojo. Very neat stuff. I had somehow missed the announcement of IBM’s commitment to Dojo last summer, but it is nice to know that we are involved.

The concept is that Javascript is pretty hard to code, even with tools like Firebug (which I showed to a colleague today, who promptly wrote it down and decided that he needed it). Dojo and the other frameworks like Zimbra and Rico are aiming to ease the pain by providing a DHTML toolkit written in Javascript. It’s pretty cool – I liked the publish/subscribe paradigm that enabled widgets to talk to one another.

As well as all of the AJAX web development stuff, I’ve also spent time on Message Broker and how things are developing there. My own presentation on file handling in Broker is tomorrow. For the last session today, I also popped into a discussion about what was new in Rational Application Developer version 7 – I hadn’t been aware of some of the performance, web application development and other enhancements, so that was a useful session.

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5 thoughts on “WSTC, day two: doing the Dojo”

  1. Is javascript really that hard to code though?

    I’ve always found that these toolkits and frameworks are great at the start when you’re trying to do something simple, but they always tend to get in the way once you get to do something a little more advanced.

    I think I’m maybe just scared for life by some of the problems I had with the very early versions of web services toolkits.

  2. Darren: to be fair, I’ve never tried to build anything particularly large in Javascript, so I can’t compare. Good perspective, thanks.

    Steve: it’s fair to say that last June, I wasn’t as enlightened as I am today ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Javascript’s OK – unless (like me) you’re using braindead Notepad to do the coding. (Think no coding assists whatsoever.) But that’s not an inditement of the language. I still don’t see any of these tool kits helping much with “in chrome” javascript development i.e in Mozilla extension code.

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