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WSTC – Rational Application Developer 7

I didn’t get the chance to sit through this introductory talk in full, but I did jot a few notes down. I haven’t been able to use RAD v7 yet – these notes are probably not news to most people, but they were of interest to me.

Due to various improvements, RAD 7 has better size and performance characteristics than 6. It is based on Eclipse 3.2.1 running on JDK 5.

The Web Diagram view has been completely redesigned and enhanced.

Ajax is supported inasmuch as the JSF components have Ajax behaviours and do not force page reloads. Graphical portlet development is supported.

The XML Schema editor by default attempts to restrict choices to guide users towards best practices in creating schema definitions – the advanced view exposes all schema functions.

WSTC 2007 – broker and Java

I missed part of Peter Crocker’s session on Advanced Java Topics in WMB v6 yesterday, but when I did manage to get in there, I learned a few useful snippets. Essentially this was an update of his talk from last year, and riffed off of his developerWorks article on the use of Java in Message Broker.

A few of the notes I made:

  • although the product ships a sample JavaCompute node that calls a Google API, Google themselves have now withdrawn the API, so the sample doesn’t work 😦
  • it is important to be careful with the use of XPath… for example, try to avoid using the // selector as it is usually not the most performant way to select a message element. There should be some articles around on XPath, I need to look up some useful references.
  • The latest fixpack enables Java code in a JavaCompute node to propagate to a label in the flow.

Useful stuff to be aware of!

WSTC 2007 – certification

As with last year’s WSTC, IBM’s certification testing team have been running almost round-the-clock tests. We’ve been entitled to take three tests each so it has been worth taking advantage of the opportunity. The testing room has been constantly busy.

Yesterday, I passed test 664 on SOA Fundamentals, and first thing this morning I took and passed test 665, Architectural Design of SOA Solutions – making me an IBM Certified SOA Associate and SOA Solution Designer.

In both cases the tests were sufficiently challenging to make me think, and well focussed. I didn’t do any additional studying in either case, but obviously I have been working in this domain for the past few years. Reading Sandy Carter’s book recently has been a good reminder of how things fit together, too.

The city never sleeps, but I have to…

Venice by nightIt’s nearly 1am.

Today has been awesome, and I’m going to write up the sessions in more detail in the morning.

Amongst other things I’ve been learning a lot more about what’s happening in WebSphere; giving my own presentation (and I can relax more now that’s out of the way); getting an SOA certification; looking at Java in WMB; and attending a great presentation on Web 2.0 development tools.

Much more to come… sorry if I’m struggling to keep up!

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