The city never sleeps, but I have to…

Venice by nightIt’s nearly 1am.

Today has been awesome, and I’m going to write up the sessions in more detail in the morning.

Amongst other things I’ve been learning a lot more about what’s happening in WebSphere; giving my own presentation (and I can relax more now that’s out of the way); getting an SOA certification; looking at Java in WMB; and attending a great presentation on Web 2.0 development tools.

Much more to come… sorry if I’m struggling to keep up!

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1 thought on “The city never sleeps, but I have to…”

  1. Andy, sounds like you’re having fun.

    Will be interested to hear what noises are made there around Adobe’s announcement on open sourcing Flex. What effect will that have on the Web2.0 tools we (IBM) are investing in – dojo for eg.


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