WSTC 2007 – certification

As with last year’s WSTC, IBM’s certification testing team have been running almost round-the-clock tests. We’ve been entitled to take three tests each so it has been worth taking advantage of the opportunity. The testing room has been constantly busy.

Yesterday, I passed test 664 on SOA Fundamentals, and first thing this morning I took and passed test 665, Architectural Design of SOA Solutions – making me an IBM Certified SOA Associate and SOA Solution Designer.

In both cases the tests were sufficiently challenging to make me think, and well focussed. I didn’t do any additional studying in either case, but obviously I have been working in this domain for the past few years. Reading Sandy Carter’s book recently has been a good reminder of how things fit together, too.

6 responses to “WSTC 2007 – certification

  1. Oooh. I bow in your general direction, SOA God. 🙂

    Seriously, congratulations! All good stuff.


  2. Congratulations 😀

    So I guess you’re also walking around with two “I passed the test” stickers 😉


  3. Yep. Not as impressive as the four that one of my colleagues is sporting. And the badge gets thrown away tomorrow!


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  5. Hi,

    Which one is the best? The 664 or the 665 ?



  6. They are very different tests. I wouldn’t rank one “better” than the other – sorry to give a non-answer, but there you are.


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