Day: May 1, 2007

WSTC – wrapping up

Looking out of town

I took the weekend and Monday to recover from the jet lag etc of getting back from Vegas – I can never get used to flying west-to-east.

The WebSphere Services Technical Conference 2007 was superb. As you will see if you looked at any of my entries during the week, there was a huge variety of material on the agenda. It wasn’t just deep technical stuff either – I could have attended project management or professional development tracks. In most time slots I had a choice of 3 or 4 sessions that I considered “very interesting” out of around 20 on offer. I blogged most of the material that I reasonably could.

As always with face-to-face events, the absolute best part was meeting people in person. Colleagues and friends who have moved to other countries (Peter Burton, Mark Jeynes); US colleagues who I’ve not had the chance to meet in person before (T.Rob Wyatt, Wayne Schutz, Jeff Lowrey); people I was introduced to from different parts of the business; my own distributed team in the UK and Europe.

Aside from that, the accommodation was good – I stand by last year’s statement that the Rio Hotel is the right size for this kind of event without scattering people up and down the Strip.

What was the buzz? Well, as I’ve indicated in my posts, a lot of the talk was around Web 2.0 technologies and methods. I know this has been biting for some time in other parts of the software portfolio, but it was great to hear people in WebSphere talking about it, and hopefully I can bring my “social” experience to bear. What else? It was reassuring to hear that there is a lot of vigour in the part of the portfolio that I’ve made my living in for the past few years – messaging. I was also really interested to meet with people to talk about industry-specific trends in corridor conversations. Overall, there was a great range of material to learn about and feed on, and I’ve returned refreshed, invigorated… and mostly over the jet lag 🙂

Edit 02/05/07 – I really shouldn’t write late at night – repeated myself and overused the word “stuff”! 😉

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WSTC – the reading list

I’m about to head over to Amazon to order a bunch of the books I browsed through on the conference book stall.

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Vegas toys, exhibit 1


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Whilst in Vegas I picked up a couple of gadgets. The first one I’m highlighting is a lovely wireless Mighty Mouse.

Actually my first wireless mouse at all. Works perfectly with the MBP and did so from the moment I switched it on and pointed the laptop at it. The buttons on the side are a little hard to squeeze, but apart from that I like it. The rollerball for horizontal and vertical scrolling is a nice touch.

With the favourable exchange rate it was actually a reasonable price. I also picked up a spare battery in the Apple store on the Fashion Show mall at the same time.

More to come.