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Meeting real people

One of the things I love about using social networking technologies is the ability to extend my real life, physical networks. That’s what it is all about.

Some examples:

  • Thanks to the magic of Dopplr, I found out that Richard Brown was due to be in Edinburgh last night, and we had a long-overdue chat over dinner (but I think I failed to interest him in Twitter). Not only that, looks like Leisa might be in town next week – so far only an online acquaintance.
  • Through an earlier blog entry, Marten Gustafson got in touch to arrange a meeting, so I spent much of this evening in a bar with about 90 Swedes, several of whom apparently read my blog. Very cool. I’m in awe of these guys – all of them with perfect English, polite, good-looking and big fans of WebSphere Message Broker. What more could I ask for? 🙂 hi guys! check out Twitter, please…
  • Luis pinged me on Google Talk to ask if I had a Dopplr invite to share with a contact of Euan Semple’s. I know Roo knows Euan, and I know of Euan, but he probably doesn’t know me. Anyway, as a result, Geoff Jones is now on Dopplr… and he was just asking for an invite over on Steph’s blog, too. I don’t know Steph personally, but I listen to her podcast with Suw, and I read her blog (and I read Suw’s blog… she doesn’t know me, but knows Roo… and I twittered her something via Jeff Barr recently – twitterchains?)
  • James asked me to pass on a Dopplr invite to Werner Ramaeker. Turns out that Werner was amongst a group of people I presented to in Hursley last year.
  • Going further back, before the last Minibar, I learned that mattb was going full-time at Dopplr (via Twitter), and then met him at the event a couple of hours later.

There are lots of other examples, these are the recent ones. I love this stuff!

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Mighty Wireless Windows Mouse

I mentioned the other day that I now own a wireless Apple Mighty Mouse. I wasn’t sure whether it would work with Windows. It does – for me, anyway.

I switched on Bluetooth on my Thinkpad T60p and scanned for devices. It found a mouse. I paired to it using the key ‘0000’. The drivers installed themselves.

A few issues:

  • The mouse works fine, but the scroll ball doesn’t go side to side, and the side buttons don’t seem to do anything.
  • On suspending and resuming the laptop, the mouse seems to lose the connection, and I have to re-pair. Really annoying. The Macbook copes with this with no issues.
  • Once it was paired with the Windows XP laptop, the Macbook lost it. I had to remove it from Windows via the Bluetooth options, and then re-pair with the Macbook. Once I’d done that, I kept getting prompts on the Windows machine that a mouse wanted to pair with it. Confusing!

An interesing experiment, but I think I’ll keep the mouse native to the Macbook. I quite like the Trackpoint on my Thinkpad, anyway.

Useful Mighty Mouse links:

How to Configure a Mighty Mouse (in OS X)

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