Meeting real people

One of the things I love about using social networking technologies is the ability to extend my real life, physical networks. That’s what it is all about.

Some examples:

  • Thanks to the magic of Dopplr, I found out that Richard Brown was due to be in Edinburgh last night, and we had a long-overdue chat over dinner (but I think I failed to interest him in Twitter). Not only that, looks like Leisa might be in town next week – so far only an online acquaintance.
  • Through an earlier blog entry, Marten Gustafson got in touch to arrange a meeting, so I spent much of this evening in a bar with about 90 Swedes, several of whom apparently read my blog. Very cool. I’m in awe of these guys – all of them with perfect English, polite, good-looking and big fans of WebSphere Message Broker. What more could I ask for? 🙂 hi guys! check out Twitter, please…
  • Luis pinged me on Google Talk to ask if I had a Dopplr invite to share with a contact of Euan Semple’s. I know Roo knows Euan, and I know of Euan, but he probably doesn’t know me. Anyway, as a result, Geoff Jones is now on Dopplr… and he was just asking for an invite over on Steph’s blog, too. I don’t know Steph personally, but I listen to her podcast with Suw, and I read her blog (and I read Suw’s blog… she doesn’t know me, but knows Roo… and I twittered her something via Jeff Barr recently – twitterchains?)
  • James asked me to pass on a Dopplr invite to Werner Ramaeker. Turns out that Werner was amongst a group of people I presented to in Hursley last year.
  • Going further back, before the last Minibar, I learned that mattb was going full-time at Dopplr (via Twitter), and then met him at the event a couple of hours later.

There are lots of other examples, these are the recent ones. I love this stuff!

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9 thoughts on “Meeting real people”

  1. Euan twittered me this post’s link. Many thanks for the invite to Dopplr!
    Yes, this stuff is great especially before the spammers get to it.
    Hopefully, we will get to meet some day.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Came over here for the first time after you mentioned my thoughts on MOO over on Den’s blog. I’ve been blogging recently about the same thing – connections you make through the blog and social networking, which eventually turn in to a real face to face after you’ve known the person for ages. I love this stuff.

  3. Its hard to meet new people when you move somewhere. What do you do if everyone moves away and you’re still living in the same place and need to meet new people? Thats where I am.

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