Mighty Wireless Windows Mouse

I mentioned the other day that I now own a wireless Apple Mighty Mouse. I wasn’t sure whether it would work with Windows. It does – for me, anyway.

I switched on Bluetooth on my Thinkpad T60p and scanned for devices. It found a mouse. I paired to it using the key ‘0000’. The drivers installed themselves.

A few issues:

  • The mouse works fine, but the scroll ball doesn’t go side to side, and the side buttons don’t seem to do anything.
  • On suspending and resuming the laptop, the mouse seems to lose the connection, and I have to re-pair. Really annoying. The Macbook copes with this with no issues.
  • Once it was paired with the Windows XP laptop, the Macbook lost it. I had to remove it from Windows via the Bluetooth options, and then re-pair with the Macbook. Once I’d done that, I kept getting prompts on the Windows machine that a mouse wanted to pair with it. Confusing!

An interesing experiment, but I think I’ll keep the mouse native to the Macbook. I quite like the Trackpoint on my Thinkpad, anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Mighty Wireless Windows Mouse”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Interesting to note that this works with your ThinkPad. I always thought it was weird that my Microsoft wireless mouse worked with my Mac.

    After working with the Mighty Mouse for about two weeks now, I’m still not sure if I like it. I’m not accustomed to holding the mouse with my fingertips so close to the “top” end of it. That results in a lot of bad clicks. Got to retrain my motor skills. Still like the Microsoft mouse better, although the Mighty Mouse’s scrollball is a DREAM.

  2. Hi Maria, thanks for visiting. I know the problem with the clicks – I struggle to hit right-click sometimes, but I’m getting used to it. I’ve also now had a couple of times where I have had to recycle Bluetooth on the Mac to get it to re-recognise the mouse. Other than that, all good.

  3. Works with my Dell Precision! Looked it up on Apple’s site and it stated it only worked with Mac OS X but it does work. First time I tried it didn’t but I let it use a default pin code when connecting. I deleted it and then used the 0000 pin code and it works great. Even the scrolling and right click work perfectly…

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