Amazon SQS – some of us queue already…

I became aware of Amazon Simple Queue Service early last year. I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything with it beyond playing with demos. I thought I’d written about it, but can’t find the previous entry I believed I’d posted!

Over on the Amazon Web Services blog, there’s a very good post describing message queueing, and why asynchronous communication is a good thing. Choice snippet:

Queuing allows and encourages applications to become truly service-oriented. You will be automatically making the right architecture decision of making your applications service-oriented and independent to others.

Not only that, but some people seem to feel that the platform that Amazon have been building is pretty impressive. I don’t disagree.

Time for another look, I think. I’ve been dealing with message-oriented middleware for the best part of 7 years now, primarily with WebSphere MQ, and I’ve looked at a couple of the alternatives… the main issue I have with SQS in particular is the use of HTTP as the transport, but that makes some sense in the WOA view of the world. I’ll have to dig deeper.

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