Spam and marketing hit Twitter

I was not particularly delighted to receive an email informing me that I was the latest Twitter friend of this person (warning, potentially NSFW)… not after I’d seen what they were peddling, anyway. Far from adding them back, I blocked them. At least the new friend email was the most harm they can do (beyond littering the public timeline).

A new phenomenon – Twitter spam… Twam? Sadly I’m not coining this term (I thought I was being terribly clever there, you know). There’s actually a whole blog devoted to this, and more reading available.

More interestingly, it looks like some music artists are starting Twitter pages to go along with their MySpace and other sites, presumably for marketing reasons. It will be interesting to see whether any of them use Twitter themselves, or let their record companies do it for them…

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3 thoughts on “Spam and marketing hit Twitter”

  1. Girls Gone Wild counts me as a “friend” as well. I wonder if they hit everyone, or just the males? Regardless, it’s rather annoying.

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