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When I got back from the WebSphere Services Technical Conference in April, I posted about the level of interest in simplified development, Web Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0.

Yesterday, Project Zero emerged.

We’re talking REST, PHP, Groovy and mashups.

Come and take a look. For full details, read the FAQ and follow the blog. Then, download the code and join the community.

Flickr tagging – it’s not bad, it’s cool

I’m gradually working my way through the ~5000 photos from HackDay in London on Flickr, to see if there’s anything interesting that I’d missed. So far I’ve found a number of pictures of our team’s hack on stage, the planning process, the blueprint, the team hacking… all stuff that I failed to get a decent photo of.

The slightly irritating part is that people don’t always have their photos opened up for general tagging and notes. Where I can, I add tags to list the people I know in the photo, and even add a note to mark them out. Unfortunately, this setting is not the default on Flickr – the standard is to allow only your contacts to add tags. I also just found that many of my own photos were not marked as open for tags and notes.

Stephanie Booth recently wrote about this on her blog, and included a tutorial on how to change the setting.

I decided to try, and it works. And you do retain control in case somebody does something stupid (happened to me… maybe once?)

So, I’ve opened up my HackDay photos for general tagging and I’m going to go back and change the setting on other sets too.

Update 23rd March 2011: here I am four years later and I still get frustrated when people don’t let me add tags, notes, and in particular, people to images! Since I wrote this post, Flickr has introduced a lovely feature (like Facebook, Picasa and other services) that lets me tag myself or others in photos, and then builds a dynamic collection of all the photos I appear in. It’s not a default setting, and I think you also have to go back and re-enable it on photos that you uploaded before changing your settings, so it’s a bit of a pain to set up, but it’s so useful. Please let the crowds build a better folksonomy for web content.

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SLorpedo revisited

A much-reduced Team Supernova was at SLUK 07 this weekend and managed to get SLorpedo finished off – complete with torpedos, explosions, and sinking subs.

Check out the YouTube video.

Well done to JimNigel, Paul and James

24 hours of Flickr in London

Flickr barOla and I went along to Tate Britain last night for the London leg of the 24 hours of Flickr tour. I’d heard about it from Upcoming, via the Flickr group, and thanks to Heather Champ reminding HackDay attendees about it on Sunday.

What a great, great event! Lots of Flickr gear on offer, copies of the 24 hours of Flickr book, wine, canapes, and a great crowd of people. As regular readers will know, I like the opportunity to convert virtual contacts into real ones (and vice versa), so this was all good.

Some of the most interesting happenings:

  • We met and talked to Kim from Moo. As I was trying to take a photo, she noticed me, wandered across my viewfinder, and waved! 🙂 Good to see her again.
  • I chatted to Iain and Nicky, also from Moo. I’d just met Nicky at HackDay. She did ask me “how come you’re not dead?”, after a weekend like the one just gone. Good point. Richard, the Moo head honcho was pointed out to me, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, which was a shame.
  • Lots of HackDay people there, either (still…?) in the HackDay t-shirts, or just hanging out for Flickr ones!
  • I ran into Myk Reeve, a good friend from university who I haven’t seen in 10 years (this is revised from the 6 years I was telling people last night, I’m sure it is actually 10). Great to catch up with him.
  • Ola talked to Daniel Eiba from Yahoo!, and also to Ben Cohen from Channel 4 News.
  • We got to look around the fascinating How We Are exhibition that is currently on at the gallery.
  • More faceball was played, this time the outdoor nighttime variant… don’t challenge Heather Champ. Missed out on taking a Flickr beachball home to try it out for ourselves, though.
  • Collected a whole bunch more Minicards.
  • Met lots of other people including Nik, a music student who is also a Mac developer, and Matthieu from France who just started a summer job developing open source software in London.

Very cool. I’m not even disappointed that my photo didn’t make it into the book. It really does contain some superb work.

See my photoset on Flickr for more, and here are some video snippets from OSDE.

Interesting events this week

A couple of events in London that look good:

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