Hack Day – Yahoo, BBC, London, June

One of the things I’m most looking forward to this month is Hack Day in London, an event sponsored by Yahoo! and the BBC.

Inspired by previous Yahoo! Hack Days, at IBM we’ve been running our own internal Hack Days – in fact, the third one has just happened. We’ve had great fun. Some of the coolest internal tools that I use (intranet-specific Firefox extensions, Sametime plugins, Second Life gadgets, and so on) have come out of the Hack Day experience. Kelly has so much more on her blog about our internal events. I have to say that I’ve often been more an observer of the internal event since I’m usually out with customers… but I participate in all of the internal communities, and I’ve enjoyed seeing what we as a group have come up with.

So, anyway, my colleagues James Taylor, Benjamin Hardill and I will be there at the London Hack Day(s) on 16th and 17th June 2007. We’re looking forward to meeting fellow hackers, discussing what’s new and hot in mashups, coding, Web 2.0 and the world, and hearing the speakers. I’m sure I’ll be live blogging, live twittering, and taking photos too!

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6 thoughts on “Hack Day – Yahoo, BBC, London, June”

  1. Andy,

    Well if you can’t make it to RSDC in Orlando, we will be doing a regional RSDC in the UK in Q3, I will personally hook you up with the lead for this event! Also we will be having virtual RSDC in SL so feel free to join us in the IBM Conference center for the keynotes Tues-Thurs or on IBM Codestation for demos and meet the experts get togethers. DDJ will be hosting a virtual Opening party on their Life 2.0 Island on Sunday Night at 6 pm ET.

  2. And don’t forget Andy, you can follow along with the rest of us in Orlando when I live-blog it.

    Now how do *I* wrangle an invitation to the Q3 UK RSDC? ๐Ÿ™‚

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