Getting set for Hack Day

I’ve mentioned that a few of us from IBM are going to be at Hack Day already.

Well, it is this weekend, and I think I’m mostly set. All I need to do is get up far earlier than I would on the average Saturday.

Lots to play around with… I’ve installed the Bonjour-enabled Twitterific client so that I can identify other Twitterers, and I’ve joined the Plazes group. I’m thinking there is likely to be some Java, SWT, Applescript, Eclipse, Sametime, Bluetooth, Mac OS, Second Life, Twitter / Jaiku / Plazes / Facebook / Flickr action on my part – as well as a lot of photographs when I get there. If you’re coming, I’ll be part of the developerWorks group: come and say hello.

The best part so far has been poking around the official backnetwork site and finding the number of people I’ve met before through e.g. Minibar and other events, people who know people I know (Dale has pointed me at a friend of his, for instance, and Roo knows Babbage), people who have commented on my blog in the past, or bloggers whose work I read regularly. It should be a great event for extending some of those contacts. I’ll need to have my Moo cards with me 🙂

We have competition from Interesting 2007, of course. I hope I can follow the coverage of that event, too. Continuous Partial Attention, here I come.

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