Dogear Nation: me, on a podcast

I took part in the Dogear Nation podcast last Friday, alongside my fellow IBMers and regular show hosts Michael Rowe, Michael Martine and Matt Simpson.

It was an excellent experience – really good fun to talk to these guys – just chatting about up-to-the minute links, hacks and mashups. The initial reason that I got involved was to talk about Slorpedo! from HackDay, but we managed to cover a whole range of subjects including the new Google Maps features[1], Second Life in Real Life, Internet time, Wimbledon and Veodia, and all kinds of other stuff.

Sounds like I managed to overuse the word “neat” and umm and err too much, but overall I think it worked well. Apart from the massive ummming session around 16 minutes in when I completely forgot the words, for which I apologise.

This was actually my second podcast – the first one was an interview I did for our intranet recently. Who knows, there might be something in this podcasting business…

Dogear Nation is available on iTunes as well as directly on the web

(NB, since Friday, I have signed up for Pownce, although I still use Twitter a lot more)

[1] The new Google Maps routing features, incidentally, are awesome… Autoroute, my standard directions application before the Internet got good, never had drag-and-drop re-routing.

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  1. I’ve pimped IBM Rocks 3 times now (twice on my internal blog and once on the podcast) so I’m hoping to see a lot more people appear on the map 🙂

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