To the south and the west

Just back from a week away revisiting Cornwall – not quite as idyllic as last year in terms of the weather, but certainly just as peaceful and relaxing.

The beach in action

After an initial couple of days of reasonable weather, it turned cooler, cloudier and occasionally wetter. So, we took the opportunity to travel as far south as possible, to the Lizard peninsula. We had a tour of the small lighthouse there, too.

Lighthouse on the cliff

Abandoned lifeboat station

We also got down to Land’s End, the most western point in England. It is (barely) redeemed from sheer theme park tackiness by the fact that you don’t have to buy tickets for the various “attractions” there, and can simply walk along the cliffs instead. Unfortunately while we were there, it was very foggy and we barely saw the end of the land at all! We also popped across to Sennen Cove on our way back to St Agnes. One of the first people I worked for after university used to say that he wanted to retire to become a fisherman in Cornwall. I admit that I can see the attraction.

HMS Mulheim Sennen Cove harbour

Do please check out my growing set of photos and let me know your thoughts. I think my work is improving significantly. Incidentally, if you have time, I recommend taking a look at the larger versions of each image.

I was working on my macro photography techniques whilst there, with the aid of a 60mm EF-S macro lens and the new book Macro Photography Photo Workshop by Haje Jan Kamps (of the excellent DIY Photography blog), which I do recommend – more to come when I get a moment, including some images.

Back to work today, with a beta class for an as-yet-unannounced, but interesting new product…

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4 thoughts on “To the south and the west”

  1. Look forward to seeing the macro stuff. Any particular reason you plumped for the EF-S 60mm? A proper macro lens is one of the (many) things on my list of yet more glass to get, so I’m curious. (In the meantime I’ll struggle on with my reversing rings…)

  2. Price partly, and good reviews. I admit I struggled over the EF vs EF-S issue, but again price won out there. In the book, Haje recommends something longer (100mm for instance), and in some ways I can see why – easier to get closer to insects, for instance. I’ll post more about this at some stage.

    I’ve also been playing around with reversed lenses and will post some examples soon(ish).

  3. Simon, we didn’t get to the Minack… it’s on my todo list for future visits… when we went to Land’s End it was so foggy that we gave up on the day quite early.

    I don’t (yet) have a reversing ring, I’m currently using the high unscientific “hold the reversed lens against the body” method. Your mileage may vary 🙂

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