Day: August 9, 2007

Facebook and the enterprise

I recently gave a presentation on social software to an internal conference at IBM. In it, I identified what I see as a number of key webapps out there on the interweb today. Along with blogs, I also talked about, Dopplr, Twitter and Facebook (MySpace being so last year, especially since Facebook’s API went live a few months ago)

One of the accusations commonly levelled at Facebook is that it is a walled garden for data. They appear consume the data that people put in, but it is allegedly remarkably difficult to get it out again.

This morning, Dennis twittered at me to point me at an excellent post highlighting how data can be shared out of Facebook. SAP’s Craig Cmehil has demonstrated how this could be done – interestingly, the scenario he suggests is for companies to pull in information about new hires from their Facebook profiles.

Facebook as a trusted third-party / clearing house for personal data? Will enterprises go along with this? It’s all very interesting. I’ve been saying for some time that entropy will happen as increasingly, new webapps pop up demanding that we create profiles, duplicate data, etc.. Could Facebook be onto a winner here?

(I’m off to a meeting, but may post more on this if my brain kicks into gear later!)