Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

Trying out ecto 3

The alpha version of ecto 3 was just released. Here’s a first post using the new version. I’m particularly impressed that it has picked up all of the various Technorati tags I’ve used in the past, although I note that it has mixed up WP.com categories with Technorati tags in the sidebar, so I’ve no idea what will happen when I post this 🙂

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Roller / Lotus Connections yet – that supports Atom Publishing Protocol, but I can’t see an option for AtomPub in ecto 3 so far. I did manage to configure it using the MetaWeblogAPI but it crashed when I tried to post an entry. Such is the nature of alpha software of course.

Image created in Skitch, dragged straight into ecto 3, uploaded directly to the blog.

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