Trying out ecto 3

The alpha version of ecto 3 was just released. Here’s a first post using the new version. I’m particularly impressed that it has picked up all of the various Technorati tags I’ve used in the past, although I note that it has mixed up categories with Technorati tags in the sidebar, so I’ve no idea what will happen when I post this 🙂

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Roller / Lotus Connections yet – that supports Atom Publishing Protocol, but I can’t see an option for AtomPub in ecto 3 so far. I did manage to configure it using the MetaWeblogAPI but it crashed when I tried to post an entry. Such is the nature of alpha software of course.

Image created in Skitch, dragged straight into ecto 3, uploaded directly to the blog.

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9 thoughts on “Trying out ecto 3”

  1. Done.

    Not sure why the post has ended up with a (More…) link at the bottom on the main page of the blog.

    Also, it would be nice to have a prefix on the Technorati tags line.

    Really like the look-and-feel and the overall experience of the new version from the five minute kickaround last night.

  2. Hi Andy! Way cool! Thanks for diving into this and for sharing your experiences with us. I am only getting used to ecto for the Mac, after coming from Qumana in Windows and so far I am liking what I am seeing. However, I think it may well be a bit too early for me to try out this Alpha version. However, I will keep an eye on your blog posts for when you feel it would be ready to install without getting too many bugs or anything. Appreciated the heads up!

    (Always on the bleeding edge, eh? 😉 )

  3. I think ecto takes some getting used to, having come from w.bloggar and Windows Live Writer. It is really powerful, though, and some of the stuff in ecto 3 like the Account Assistant are moving it towards the ease-of-use of WLW. It’s really worth persisting and learning. I love it.

    You’re right, this is labelled an alpha so have a go if you like, but stick with the stable version otherwise.

  4. I also use ecto and am really looking forward to the next release. Alas, I am too cowardly to work with alpha software. Maybe beta, though.

  5. Given my rate of posting lately, and the fact that epred has decided I’m “Captain Slow”, it’s amazing I beat anyone to posting 🙂

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