Windows Live Writer, meet Lotus Connections

The latest Beta of Windows Live Writer is out.

I’ve been trying it out with Lotus Connections – namely, with our internal IBM blogging system which is also known as BlogCentral. I was able to successfully add my blog as a new account… WLW auto-detected all of the connection details, and downloaded the editing style (but not the list of categories).

Why is this important? Well, it means that, as previously hinted, Windows Live Writer now works with with Atom Publishing Protocol. This is goodness.

Update: hmm, maybe not. Looking at some debug traces, it looks like WLW is still hitting the metaWeblogAPI endpoint. So maybe I’m mistaken…

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6 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer, meet Lotus Connections”

  1. What do you use when you’re on your mac? You still using ecto?

    I’ve settled on SharpMT – because there is a version that will run on my PDA, which is where I prefer to write posts. Can’t get it to connect to BlogCentral though 🙁

  2. I am still looking for some good software for linux, have yet to find anything decent (flock is the best ive found, but its not that good).
    I have not found many good opensource efforts on windows either, otherwise I might have tried to port them (it would be a challenge, but interesting)

  3. OK so maybe I’m wrong. I just got my proxy settings wrong, and looking in the WLW log file I see evidence of metaWeblogAPI stuff happening. So perhaps my jubilation was misplaced for now. Still, we know that the WLW team are working on APP, so I’m still optimistic 🙂

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