IBM and Social Media

I’ve put my deck from yesterday’s conference up on Slideshare. I need to add some speaker notes too, please bear with me.

5 responses to “IBM and Social Media

  1. nice deck.. look forward to the speaker notes, as I’m sure my words arent as good as yours 😉


  2. Nice deck, I can hear you talking about that in my head 🙂
    I also wont take offence that is not in your blogroll 🙂


  3. Good presentation Andy and great to catch you with you again, shouldn’t leave it so long next time.


  4. It’s good conference Andy. In my opinion social media is a future of network. So it was very exciting to see your post about blogging summit. Thanks


  5. First of all sorry for my english. It’s very intresting to see any information about social network in web now. And I was very happy to come here and saw your post. Russian social network is building now and because of that it’s very important to see and compare our imagines of social network and your notes. Thanks


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