Smart SOA announcements for WebSphere

I’ve been waiting for the announcement of the WebSphere v6.1 integration products (Process Server, ESB, Message Broker and Registry/Repository) for a while. Yesterday they all broke cover as part of IBM’s Smart SOA fall launch announcements.

IBM WebSphere Message Broker V6.1
IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V6.1
IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer V6.1

I went on the beta class for Message Broker v6.1 back in the summer. I’d previously written the v5 Redbook and helped with the v6 beta program. This time I haven’t been quite so closely involved, but I’m still really looking forward to seeing the new release get out there.

Some of the key features in Broker that I think are really going to interest the customers I’ve been working with are:

  • native file-handling capability.
  • email output node.
  • built-in adapters for Siebel, SAP and Peoplesoft interaction.
  • an array of other new nodes… the approach is to provide more nodes which have configurable properties, in much the same way that the recent Transport Header Nodes Supportpac enables message headers to be modified without programming.
  • ability to support much larger messages.
  • closer integration with WebSphere Transformation Extender, WebSphere Registry and Repository, and the DataPower appliances.
  • a leaner, faster toolkit.
  • performance enhancements, particularly around XML parsing – and hey, the product is already darned fast! 🙂

I think this is going to be another great release. I can’t wait to get started.

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  2. Just looking back through some of your blog comments, Andy.
    I recall this announcement coming out, since it made us smile a bit at Smart421 – we have a number of SOA initiatives and it’s quite nice for IBM to help link our name in this way 😉

    In fact, we even knocked up an [internal use only] edited copy of the announcement that happened to read “IBM Smart421 SOA”…

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