Daily Archives: October 23, 2007

New strapline needed

For some time I’ve been using the strapline “blogger | photographer | techie” to describe myself on various profiles. It appears on my Moo cards (and will continue to do so for a while now, since I have a couple of hundred in reserve at the moment). I used to like it as a succinct description of my interests. For a while now, though, I’ve been thinking that it isn’t the best.

At one of the conferences in the summer, Roo mentioned to someone that to describe oneself as a ‘blogger’ would become redundant over time, and I think that’s true. Not only that, but I’ve barely been writing enough lately for that to make sense. So I’m thinking that word will probably go.

I’m comfortable that I’ll continue to use the word ‘photographer’, although I’d never put that first in any description. It’s an interest of mine.

The word ‘techie’ is something of a catch-all… I’m interested in pretty much all technnology, and I generally prefer to get my hands dirty and tweak stuff and understand how things work than to stand in front of a whiteboard and draw interconnected clouds. People tend to smile when I give them my card and they read that.

Looking around, magpie-like, I notice that Kelly describes herself as “Blogger | Web 2.0 Junkie | artist manque” (going for the interests and an admission of addiction), while Roo goes with “Metaverse Evangelist. Geek.” (job title and state of mind).

I’m just undecided as to what might make a decent new summary… how to describe my core interests and personality in less than, say, 10 words…. any suggestions?

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