Ideas for Lotus

I was listening to the Talking Notes podcast in the car the other day, and came across the news that there’s a new independent site which aims to gather ideas for new features and improvements for IBM Lotus products.

Idea Jam is a really nice-looking site that is kind of Digg-like in appearance. There are a few cool things about it:

  • it runs on Domino
  • it uses Ajaxy features, has feeds, etc.
  • it is independent, so these are ideas from users and administrators of Lotus products, which will be really useful feedback for the developers.
  • it is divided into “idea spaces” which correspond to the different parts of the Lotus portfolio (Notes, Sametime, Connections etc.)
  • you can comment on feature ideas, vote for them, see who else is voting, etc.

Apparently the site formally launches on November 20th, but I was able to register already. It’s a very good idea and fantastic to see the user community doing this. If you use Lotus software in your day job, this could be a great way to suggest ways that you’d like to see it move forward… I guess with this being an unofficial site there’s no commitment that ideas would be implemented, but I don’t doubt that the development teams would be interested to hear from their user community.

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