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A trip to Bangkok

I’m heading to support one of our clients in Bangkok this weekend, and I’m unlikely to be back for a couple of weeks. It’s a bit unusual since I’m in a “UK” team, but needs must.

I’m excited about the prospect of my first trip to Asia… it will be cool to be in the same timezone (or nearer) as a couple of my mentees, too, and I hope we get more opportunities to interact as a result. Of course the social network / global social graph, and virtual worlds, should help me to stay connected with the usual crowd too, although I expect I’ll be quieter. On the other hand my normal life is on hold, and I won’t have time for much of the usual pre-Christmas celebration or preparation.

A few people have already contacted me with tips already, since they saw me mention the trip on Twitter. What I really want to know is whether I’ll get away with packing both a Thinkpad and a MacBook Pro into hand luggage, along with a DSLR…

If I remain quiet for the next few weeks, you’ll know why. Things are hectic!

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Originally uploaded by andyp uk

This photo was taken around about this time two years ago, one from my archive… and it was certainly cold enough over the weekend that I could have gone out and taken something similar, if I’d been up early enough on Saturday morning.

I’m not so happy about the depth of field at the front of the shot, but it’s quite nice otherwise. This was in the days when I was still mostly shooting in JPEG and didn’t really understand so much about DoF or have appropriate lenses… At present this image is in my Hidden Gems set, which is automatically generated from my least interesting photos.

In lieu of other posts, I’m taking the Anton approach – I’m really, really busy at the moment and it seems that I’m likely to be sent to Thailand next week for up to a fortnight. I have ideas for lots of things to write about, along with some planned new regular features, but for now, please excuse me if it’s all a bit quiet.

Can the Internet "make" Christmas No 1?

I noticed that Darren blogged about the effort in one of the Last.FM groups to try to get Lucky Soul’s ‘Lips Are Unhappy’ to Christmas number one, in order to prevent a seemingly-inevitable Simon Cowell-created reality TV sub-Stock/Aitken/Waterman pop crap last minute release making it, as would usually be the case.

Last night I was listening to the always-excellent Song By Toad podcastepisode 16, the Birthday podcast, and let me say Happy Birthday to Matthew (aka Mr Toad) while I’m here – and it turns out that there’s also another online campaign to create a Christmas number one. This one is Malcolm Middleton’s ‘We’re All Going To Die’, which seems an unlikely title for song to listen to during a period of peace and joy, but I can see the wry humour.

The thing that particularly interests me about both of these campaigns is whether the Internet has the power to beat mass market television at this point. Last.FM has a loyal following… and probably more than the music blogs who are pushing Malcolm Middleton… but I’ll be interested to see whether either can beat out the TV-anointed tune, whatever it turns out to be (see, I don’t actually watch the shows which tend to create them), even in this age when downloads do count towards singles sales.

Me? I’ve pre-ordered Lucky Soul and joined the Malcolm Middleton Facebook group.

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Another Dogear Nation guest slot

I was happy to be able to join Michael, Michael and Matt as a guest on their regular Dogear Nation podcast on Friday. I’d been a guest before back in July when we talked about the HackDay event in London… this time we covered the UK launch of the iPhone, Leopard, Roo’s recent talk at the IET, Identity 2.0, and various other things… to a soundtrack of Michael Rowe in a NYC cab 🙂

NB you can also get the Dogear Nation dashboard widget for OS X, which I hope should work on both Tiger and Leopard.

Me on Moo Greetings Cards

Moo Greetings Cards – reverse

Originally uploaded by MildlyDiverting

I mentioned a week or so back that I’ve entered some images into the Moo Holiday Card Competition, and that it is possible to make greetings cards from them… and it looks like someone has already 🙂

(to be exact, I think Kim from Moo has done so, possibly as a sampler – but still very cool to see one of my photos used!)

If you want something completely different though, go take a look at Kelly’s Christmas Moo Dolls. Very cool. The perfect gift.