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This photo was taken around about this time two years ago, one from my archive… and it was certainly cold enough over the weekend that I could have gone out and taken something similar, if I’d been up early enough on Saturday morning.

I’m not so happy about the depth of field at the front of the shot, but it’s quite nice otherwise. This was in the days when I was still mostly shooting in JPEG and didn’t really understand so much about DoF or have appropriate lenses… At present this image is in my Hidden Gems set, which is automatically generated from my least interesting photos.

In lieu of other posts, I’m taking the Anton approach – I’m really, really busy at the moment and it seems that I’m likely to be sent to Thailand next week for up to a fortnight. I have ideas for lots of things to write about, along with some planned new regular features, but for now, please excuse me if it’s all a bit quiet.

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