A trip to Bangkok

I’m heading to support one of our clients in Bangkok this weekend, and I’m unlikely to be back for a couple of weeks. It’s a bit unusual since I’m in a “UK” team, but needs must.

I’m excited about the prospect of my first trip to Asia… it will be cool to be in the same timezone (or nearer) as a couple of my mentees, too, and I hope we get more opportunities to interact as a result. Of course the social network / global social graph, and virtual worlds, should help me to stay connected with the usual crowd too, although I expect I’ll be quieter. On the other hand my normal life is on hold, and I won’t have time for much of the usual pre-Christmas celebration or preparation.

A few people have already contacted me with tips already, since they saw me mention the trip on Twitter. What I really want to know is whether I’ll get away with packing both a Thinkpad and a MacBook Pro into hand luggage, along with a DSLR…

If I remain quiet for the next few weeks, you’ll know why. Things are hectic!

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3 thoughts on “A trip to Bangkok”

  1. Check the weight of your hand luggage – I got told off a Melbourne airport because I had all my camera gear and a thinkpad and it was way over the weight limit (I still got through luckily)

  2. I hope you’re able to enjoy it and get some time to take some photos. As stressful as it sounds, I’m also a little jealous; I’ve never been to Asia.

    Hope you’re having fun!

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