View from the 30-somethingth floor

View from the 30-something floor

We arrived late on Monday and I’ve not yet had a chance to look around Bangkok properly, but I have to say that the JW Marriott is a lovely hotel and the city is extremely modern. We’ve been using the skytrain to get to and from the office, and that seems to be very efficient indeed.

It is the King’s 80th birthday tomorrow – a public holiday – and we’ve been observing the seas of yellow t-shirts on the commute, which apparently denote people’s support for the monarch.

Unfortunately it has gotten dark very quickly in the evenings, so up until now it has been hard to grab decent shots. Hopefully I’ll have some time later in the week to explore some of the sights (I’m hearing that the night market and the palace are the highlights).

More photos in my Flickr set of Bangkok, which will expand over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. The short winter days here in New England have really limited my picture-taking opportunities too … I go to work in the dark and go home in the dark. boooo.

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