Annoyances and discoveries

Little annoyances

Twhirl on OS X refuses to remember the configuration option NOT to play sounds when new messages arrive, between restarts anyway.

My Facebook profile sometimes doesn’t load, I just get a blank page.

Little discoveries

ecto 3 can correctly tag WordPress posts – you need to configure Blog Settings-> Templates-> Tags to put the tags in the Keywords section of the post. It then doesn’t add Technorati links to the post, but what the heck.

Quick Look in Leopard will preview a .vcf file (but, kinda oddly, not a .vcard file).

The improved stats page on the dashboard now means that I see a link to the specific day of my largest-ever number of hits, and the graph is animated, faster to draw, and works in FF3b2.

A very talented consultant I’ve just spent the past couple of months working with has a blogtwo, in fact – this is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Annoyances and discoveries”

  1. with regards to ECTO3, the tagging foxed me for a while and seemed to behave differently than in version 2.. to get the tags appearing as per your posts and the way i display mine on my blog.. you need to ‘put tags in Body’ not keywords.. no idea where they go in keywords, but body is the only place i’ve seen where they phsyically do get put into the post itself..

    next question is why technorati thinks i’ve not pinged it for over 25 days.. and why the widget says it doesnt know me.. even though the site shows all my cloud tags..!!???

  2. Right, but if you put them in the body, they don’t get treated as ( tags. You have to put them in Keywords for that to work.

    As for the Technorati thing, that’s just Technorati being a bit crap lately 🙁

  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the link.
    Just wondered on how you think my having two blogs is a good thing.
    My intention is to keep work-related topics in one blog, and ‘any old junk’ in my personal blog.Will have to see how that pans out over time.

  4. i’d like to actually see applications like ECTO being able to post the same post to multiple blogs. My internal IBM blog is sadly thin on information. I think mainly because I’m trying to keep it work related, and thus, tend to forget about it.. when in fact, remembering what elsua said, if i make the blog interesting.. it will be read.. where my IBM blog isnt at the moment.. 🙁

    having two blogs can be advantageous, especially in the case of say our IBM blogs, where we have a firewalled, private corporate only one, and a public one.

    I also agree focused content, like Ernie Ostic’s dsRealtime blog ( that has a host of information on SOA, Realtime and IBM’s information Server, a great example of focused content. I’m still convincing him that this internally in IBM would be a great blog as well.. maybe i should suggest multiple posting to KungFooTV 😉

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