A year of travel

We’ve been talking at home about our range of travels this year.

Ola is the clear “winner”, and has travelled pretty widely – Cuba, Portugal x 2, France, Belgium x 2, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland x 4, Germany and the UK (with a trip to Scotland). An international starlet in the making.

My travels have been more limited in terms of the numbers of countries covered, but arguably over greater distances – the US, Thailand, up and down to Scotland a few times, and across to Poland a couple of times. I’ve finally learned to drive on the “wrong” side of the road, too 🙂

Environmentally, this is probably a pretty depressing read. Maybe we should plant a few forests to make up for it.

Happy Christmas to all those who take the time to read my blog! Your attention and comments are appreciated. I’m looking forward to talking to you more in 2008.

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10 thoughts on “A year of travel”

  1. My travels pale in comparison to yours. Although I hope to make up for it next year…especially next month. Vegas and Toronto in one month…woo hoo!

  2. Ola definitely covered a good range there.

    My travels over the past year has been mostly road miles, to various UK locations. Plus one work trip to Holland, two holidays to Turkey and a long weekend playing with my car in Belgium. Just missed out on a further trip back to Vancouver, but would like to see the place again. Seems a great city.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Sounds like you need you be out planting a lot of trees then… Will this green air miles stuff catch on? I have never thought about paying my airline more to plant trees for me (they get enough money from me already)

  4. There are better ways to offset carbon than plant trees (which might be carbon sinks while they’re alove, but release it again when they decompose). Most carbon offsetting programmes do much more than just planting. For example, I know of at least one that donates low energy lightbulbs to Indian schools and gets involved in other similarly creative projects.

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