Twitterings in charts

Thanks to a random discovery on Tara Hunt’s Flickr stream, I found out about Damon Cortesi’s script for generating charts out of Twitter.

So without further ado, it seems somewhat fitting to start 2008 with a short blog post showing my Twitter stats for 2007 (click through for larger sizes). I used Numbers to build the charts but if you are not OS X and iWork-enabled, there are various alternative ways of creating them.

Twitter stats for 2007

To explain: my twitterings have been a little write-only in the past couple of weeks as I’ve been on vacation, and haven’t been checking replies (or in some cases, direct messages either). So please excuse me if it appears as though I ignored you once or twice.

3 thoughts on “Twitterings in charts”

  1. You know, I saw this over the weekend (the script) and almost downloaded it. I fear it’ll be too technical for me to use. (Perl?) But I’ll take a look at it later today. I absolutely LOVE stats and these charts are very pretty — even if they do provide information as trivial as Twitter stats.

  2. It really isn’t too difficult, the instructions are all included. Perl is a command-line tool that is shipped as part of OS X… it’s true that most users won’t know that it even exists. You have to run a couple of commands at the terminal, paste some stuff into Numbers, and you are done.

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