Ten Mac Apps

My friend Ian Smith pinged me today to alert me to the fact that MacHeist are running a limited promotion which provides a bundle of very nice OS X applications for a reduced price ($49 instead of a combined price of nearly $350), and with a donation to charity for each bundle sold.

At the current dollar-to-sterling conversion rate this was an absolute steal. The idea is that CSSEdit will be thrown in once 5000 bundles are sold; and Snapz Pro X and Pixelmator will be added at as-yet-unannounced additional thresholds.

(update 14th Jan: CSSEdit and Snapz Pro X are now unlocked, and Pixelmator is not far off; plus,  Speed Download has now been thrown in as well)

I don’t actually have any of the apps in question and think I’ll be using almost all of them, so I was happy to jump into this promotion. Worth a look.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Andy – I got Pixelmator at a discount (which I really wanted) and everything else is a bonus. I am particularly pleased with Cha-Ching – which I didn’t even know existed and is just what I wanted.

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