The MacWorld Effect

Umm… forget the Slashdot effect.

As I write this, Twitter has apparently melted, as have several uStream streams of the MacWorld keynote.

No live video, but at least 3 sites are liveblogging it (MacRumours, TUAW, Engadget), which are going up and down alternately.

Me? I’m on old-skool IRC in #tuaw and #tuaw-adults on freenode 🙂

<iBrad> Oh god. It's finally happened.
<iBrad> MacWorld has broken the internet.

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8 thoughts on “The MacWorld Effect”

  1. I followed MacRumors who sensibly auto-refreshed and added new content at the top. It also didn’t waver.

    I also followed TUAW, who had their down times and Macworld who were slow to update, but more comprehensive, but who needed a manual refresh and added content at the bottom of the page.

    Twitter seems to still be suffering.

  2. The good thing about the live updates is that when I finally got a chance to watch the keynote QuickTime movie (after going for a haircut), I could skip the stuff I didn’t care about and go right to the part I care about: MacBook Air. – Maria

  3. @Brad thanks for the “sane” IRC channel, good talking to you there.

    Twitter still seems to be having problems… at least they are being open about it and trying to work on this for the future. In many ways this is an interesting commentary on how the Web is now being used for instant communication, where we had things like IRC and IM before… sites being hit by loads of users doing refreshes suffered, and the fact that so many people use Twitter as both a breaking news source and “IM-lite” clearly brought it to its knees.

  4. yes was interesting.. i was reading about 6 sites with live feeds and photos.. if you followed the rules and didnt refresh.. they all worked just fine..

    Twitter seemed to melt just after the keynote was announced to be running late.. tweetr dying first (And i assume all the api driven apps) then the main site..

    I could have joined the IRC but didnt realise it was on..

    it certianly seems that macworld broke the internet MORE than the last one.. I normally post to twitter from what i see on all the feeds (which i guess is what everyone does.. and hence causes melt down!) and dint have too much problems last year..

    there was a lot of chatter about flickr and youtube.. given both went down for a few minutes before the keynote (assumed to be something to do with apple TV take 2)..

    amazingly I think I might have been one of the first to get the iphone 1.1.3 update and itunes/frontrow/quicktime/imove.. iTunes notified me of the 1.1.3 update seconds before the keynote ended.. and seemed to download it quickly.. reading the blogs the 120meg download was taking hours for some people after the keynote ended. I noticed the itunes and other update just after the keynote ended.. and was up and running on all of them by about 7:30 (including stopping for dinner!!)

    thats service 😉

    although googlemaps locate me is a bit.. errr absent for me at the moment 🙁

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