Using iGlasses to fix your iSight

Apparently a bunch of my readers are getting a little bored with the Mac bias around here, so I’ll try to dilute it. But not right now 🙂
Here’s a Seesmic post I made this morning about iGlasses, a small piece of software that can improve your experience with the iSight cameras that ship in Macs. The problem is basically that although the iSight is a really neat tool and handy to have built-in, it does have some trouble with white balance and brightness in some circumstances.

I’d previously followed a useful guide to improving a webcam’s picture quality. That is definitely a useful read, but there are settings that can be tweaked in the iSight which can help too. For instance, it is possible to zoom the picture, change the white balance, brightness, contrast etc. – and have those settings applied right in the video application that is currently being used. You can create your own presets too. It works with Flash (which sites like Seesmic use to capture video) as well as all the obvious applications that would have a video input like Chat and Photo Booth.

It only costs a few dollars / pounds and frankly it’s just a great little app, so if you use the iSight then it is worth a look. One of the people who responded to my Seesmic post also pointed out that the makers eCamm Network make a nice selection of other products too – I think the little Huckleberry mirror for letting your iSight face outwards looks pretty clever 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been wondering about something like a huckleberry (or, you know, a really reflective hat) for live-blogging conference.

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