Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

SOA in Vegas, Lotus in London

SOA / WebSphere at IMPACT

IBM’s customer SOA conference, IMPACT, is taking place in Las Vegas at the beginning of April. IMPACT is the evolution of the annual WebSphere events… actually my first trip to Vegas was back in 2001 when I was an IBM customer, attending the WebSphere conference.

There’s a blog listing some of the details, and you can find out more about the event and register on the IBM site. The event is also on Facebook.

Sadly I’m not expecting to be there myself, but it looks like the B-52s are performing and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is speaking, so I’d love to get along.

LotusSphere comes to you

Like me, you may have missed out on LotusSphere in Florida last month (are we spotting a pattern?). The “roadshow” version of the event is being held in London and Manchester at around the same time as IMPACT at the start of April. Check out the information on the IBM site. Worth going along if you want to learn more about IBM’s social software tools like Lotus Connections.

How I’m using Spaces


I’m a huge fan of Spaces in Leopard. As a long-time Linux user I’m no stranger to the idea of virtual desktops, but I really like the way that this is implemented in OS X.

I have the bottom left corner of the screen set to trigger the Spaces overview, so any time I want to switch i can just drop the mouse pointer to the bottom corner (and the top right hot corner blanks the screen). Obviously I can use the Ctrl-[n] shortcuts to jump to a particular Space, too. I’ve settled into a pattern whereby the online stuff is generally over in the left-hand column, with iTunes top centre (those apps are set to only open on those Spaces). I have spare space over on the right for when I’m coding, running Second Life, using VMWare Fusion, or whatever.

It works well for me. I like the way I can move entire apps around by holding Ctrl and dragging applications between Spaces in the overview. Miraz Jordan has a nice series of posts on some of the other things that are possible using Spaces, too.