Bodu Hithi

For the past two weeks this blog, and all of my other social online presences, have gone quiet.

If you were wondering why, it’s because we were here…

Bodu Hithi from the air

… staying in a place like this…

Water villas at dawn

… enjoying views like this…

… and learning to do this…


Absolutely fantastic – thoroughly recommend the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi resort. We’re now PADI-qualified Adventure Divers, which was an amazing experience to go through. Although the island had wireless connectivity available, the point was to get away from it all so I’ve been completely out-of-touch for the past little while – gradually getting back into the swing of things.

Plenty more photos to show up in the set on Flickr over the next few weeks, I should think. Back to work this week and off to Orlando for an internal conference next weekend, so I’ll attempt to get back to blogging as and when I can.

14 thoughts on “Bodu Hithi”

  1. The Adventure Diver qualification is the Open Water Diver qualification plus three of the adventure dives. The Advanced Open Water Diver requires five adventure dives including the deep dive and the underwater navigation dive, but we only had time to do three while we were there (we chose deep, drift and the night dive). Oddly I can’t see the Adventure Diver on the flowchart on the PADI website, which is a little confusing.

  2. Night dives are incredible, I thoroughly recommend them to any diver. Drift dives can also be quite different to normal dives, but they really depend on where you are.
    If you are doing any future diving I can thoroughly recommend the Great Barrier Reef, though getting off the common tourist dives can be hard.

    Have you dived before? I found the coral in the Maldives disappointing – subleached and damaged, but it probably varies on which Atoll you are at

  3. No, we hadn’t dived before, we’d snorkelled in Mexico though and always wanted to go deeper than the surface.

    I know what you mean about the reef in the Maldives – but some of the boat dive sites were a lot richer than the house reef on the island. Having said that, we did see some lovely coral on the night dive, and that was only around the island. The highlight was seeing a dancing manta ray on one of the daytime boat dives – quite incredible.

  4. I remember the outer reef dives in the Maldives being quite good, especially the drift dives. I guess this is because the outer areas get less visitors (a few hours on a boat puts most people off) so are less damaged

  5. HI Andy,

    I plan to bodu hithi for honeymoon.
    Can you share more about your stay (which room to stay, what activities to do, etc.)? Thanks.

  6. Hi BJ. We had an Escape Water Villa which was wonderful… of course it’s your choice of what kind of accommodation you want. Activities… we went to Male (which is probably not worth it), did the diving… there is a lot of choice of watersports, different dining options, etc.. Are you interested in something specific?

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