Technical Leadership Exchange 08

I’m sitting in a session at the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange in Orlando at the moment. The first time I’ve attended the event, and the first session I’ve had a chance to get into, given that we arrived fairly late last night. Very good coverage of 3D Internet topics. The agenda is amazing, there must be three or four talks in each slot that I’m interested in, so I can tell there is going to be a lot of compromise later in the week.

Staying at the Rosen Centre, which is OK and very close to the conference centre, but it has a few issues – not the finest room by any means, and a lack of safe which means I’m lugging my valuables with me all day. My first time in Orlando too… not sure how much of the area I will get to explore, though.

Looking forward to making some more real-world connections with a lot of the colleagues I’ve come across through both internal and external blogs and social networks. If you’re at the TLE then please come up to me and introduce yourself!

8 thoughts on “Technical Leadership Exchange 08”

  1. Lucky you Andy. I missed out on Paris last year and this year could not attend either. But it is on my plans for next year.

    Impact 2008 and TLE 2008 at the same time .. am sure there is a lot of people that wanted to go to both and had to choose.

  2. Damn, that’s bad news Richard! I was just telling J-F that I’d introduce you! Who is going to give your pitch then? Will miss not having a chance to catch up.

  3. “Who is going to give your pitch then?”

    I’ve asked the organisers to keep the slot open while I try to find someone.

    I’ve emailed Beth to see if she can recommend somebody else who’s there and who has had exposure to our plans (not sure how much I can write externally!)

    I was torn about whether to accept Virgin’s offer of a hotel but I just couldn’t face another day in transit, with no guarantee there wouldn’t be further delays… and then with barely 36 hours of TLE before having to come home again 🙁

    Will miss the opportunity to catch up – and for you to introduce me to everyone 🙂

  4. have a great time. I can see you all connecting through your Twitter updates 🙂
    I’ll only be attending a virtual session this year in Melbourne. A big hello to everyone from wonderwebby!!!!

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