An experiment in social authoring

A little while ago my colleague Frank Jania posted a crazy thought on his internal IBM blog. The idea was that since Dogear (our internal social bookmarking system, and also part of Lotus Connections) has an API based on the Atom Publishing Protocol, and that just uses HTTP POST, it should be pretty simple to come up with a range of different ways to add bookmarks to Dogear using different technologies.

The gauntlet was thrown down, so a number of us started to contribute to Frank’s wiki page, coming up with our own code examples. I added some examples using a shell script, AppleScript (which sort of depends on some command line as well), and Groovy. A bunch of other folks submitted other samples ranging from Java to Python to ESQL.

The result is Fifty ways to leave your bookmark. We didn’t get to quite as many as 50, in fact, but it was a fun way of learning more about Atom Publishing Protocol.

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