Dogear Nation guest spot

I was able to join the two Michaels (Rowe and Martine) on Friday’s recording of Dogear Nation[1]… Matt Simpson was unfortunately absent, but we still had a good talk around a bunch of topics including last week’s Technical Leadership Exchange, Twitter, social networks for conferences, file sharing, Congressional hearings on Second Life, and Guitar Hero. I think this was the third time I’ve been on the show and it’s always a pleasure. I blame my memory dropouts and umming and erring on latent jet-lag, though.

Check out the new Dogear Nation website and grab the episode direct, or do what I do and subscribe in iTunes!

[1] a weekly technology and innovation podcast, bringing you your dose of cutting-edge tagged websites 🙂

7 thoughts on “Dogear Nation guest spot”

  1. lol 😉 Well, it’s really a bit more about Michael Rowe’s impression of the VW2008 & whether you had the same impression. It’s really difficult for me to comprehend why.

  2. Actually, I wasn’t at VW2008 so I only got impressions via Twitter etc.. Seemed a bit quiet and, from what I heard, quite kid-world-focused, but I might have missed something.

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