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It is interesting that I’m usually identified as “an IBM Hursley person”, but officially I’m actually not – I’m a mobile worker with an office maildrop in London. It is true that I’m in Hursley as often as possible… largely because I love the location, a lot of my good friends are based there, and the products that I support are developed there.

I thought I’d mention a few of the blogs that we have going now:

  • eightbar – what is now generally known as a virtual worlds blog began as a blog about the cool “other stuff” that happens in and around IBM Hursley. Actually that’s how I first got involved with eightbar (or should that be, “the award winning eightbar”?)
  • Hursley on WMQ / IBMers on Messaging – various IBMers writing about IBM’s messaging products (this recently moved onto developerworks)
  • Testing Blues – a group of testers from Hursley discussing issues around software testing.
  • The Master Terminal – a CICS blog that I only discovered the other day!

Those are just the group blogs – there are a bunch of talented folks who work around Hursley with their own blogs too, of course (and sometimes I seem to be counted as one of them).

2 thoughts on “The Hursley blogging network”

  1. I always thought of you as a Hursley guy too — go figure! Maybe it’s that Spitfire innovation that continues around that special place. Always loved those planes — built plenty of those models growing up.

  2. Well, thanks… and I don’t object to being a “Hursley guy”. In fact I guess a lot of folks based there treat me as one of the crowd 🙂

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