Day: April 28, 2008



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Spotted this building in Male’ when we were in the Maldives last month.

OK, geek joke, but it was a photo that was begging to be taken.


I was just editing a couple of posts and spotted that WordPress is now inserting “possibly related” links:

On further investigation it looks like this was a feature they rolled out at the end of last week, which can be disabled via the Design->Extras Dashboard panel. It seems interesting and I’ll keep an eye on it… with the HackDay post shown above, it would have been really cool if it had linked across to Kelly’s blog, but never mind, one of my old posts is fine…

Update: it only shows up on the main post page (not on the front page) so you have to follow the URL to the page to see it… so far I’m not that impressed, on one post it has created two links to the same old article of mine (which isn’t at all related), but we’ll see how it gets on and I’ll disable it if it becomes too random.