I was just editing a couple of posts and spotted that WordPress is now inserting “possibly related” links:

On further investigation it looks like this was a feature they rolled out at the end of last week, which can be disabled via the Design->Extras Dashboard panel. It seems interesting and I’ll keep an eye on it… with the HackDay post shown above, it would have been really cool if it had linked across to Kelly’s blog, but never mind, one of my old posts is fine…

Update: it only shows up on the main post page (not on the front page) so you have to follow the URL to the page to see it… so far I’m not that impressed, on one post it has created two links to the same old article of mine (which isn’t at all related), but we’ll see how it gets on and I’ll disable it if it becomes too random.

4 thoughts on “Related?”

  1. How about you google pagerank? You give away some credits when you link to a site with less pagerank. This wordpress functionality will make cross-link value less valuable as it is more random.

  2. Is that right? Interesting… well no-one has pointed this out over on the main announcement post yet, although other people are similarly-frustrated that the feature seems to be a bit random.

    I think my main concerns would be that it would link to completely unrelated or even inappropriate content; and that the related posts section could be seen to be “endorsed” by me. I may well switch it off, but I’ll give it a few days and see.

  3. The way I’ve heard this feature described is that one of the aims *is* to help some of the smaller blogs (e.g. those with lower pageranks)


    …it should give the 99.997 percent of blogs that are getting less than 10K page views, a little love from being a part of the network… …you won’t get listed on other people’s possibly related link dumps unless you’ve got it installed on your own blog… …not only because of privacy, but to give people an incentive to add it to their blogs to get the reciprocating traffic…”

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