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In the past week I’ve had two separate conversations with people who wanted to know a way of posting large(ish) files on the web for temporary purposes, i.e. just to let a couple of people download something without going via email.

I don’t have a definitive answer, of course. The traditional way would be something like an FTP server. There’s Amazon S3 too.

The service I’m increasingly using is – a really simple way of temporarily sharing files up to 100Mb in size. There’s no sign-up or account required. You simply specify a drop name (so I could create a name of “andyptemp” or similar, and it would end up having a URL of and then specify a time limit of between 1 day and 1 year after which the drop will be deleted. Then you can add as many files as you like up to 100Mb for the drop. You can add a password for access if you like. You can specify whether other people can just download / view the files, or add their own. And that’s it.

If you decide to use the service, one hint I’d give is to set the “optional” admin password for your drop when prompted, as it means that you can go back in later and see how many people have downloaded files, as well as adjusting the “self-destruct” time of the drop.

There are some other really cool features like the ability to have an RSS feed of the drop, get email alerts, post MP3 files via a phone number, fax documents into it… a bunch of things I’ve just not needed to play with yet… but it’s a nice service, and appears to work well.

(NB that drop is live for the moment, and it is set to read/write, but in time it will delete itself. Have a play if you like…)

(update: actually on reflection I’ve made it read-only as I should have realised that this means anyone can upload anything and I can’t vouch for whatever is uploaded, which was a bit short-sighted – ordinarily of course you’d only share the URL with folks you know)

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