Monthly Archives: June 2008

Flip Video hits the UK – is it overpriced?

I see that the Flip Video camera is now available in the UK. I remember being pretty excited when these things were initially announced in the US, and sent the company an email at the time asking when I’d be able to get one in the UK (answer – they weren’t sure yet).

I have to wonder if these guys haven’t missed the boat and are relying purely on brand recognition to get them through here. The disgo / Busbi Video Plus (see my review) has been available for six months already, and is priced £30 cheaper (available from Amazon UK and Currys). Now, the difference is that the Flip has 2Gb memory, but add a cheap 2Gb SD card for less than a fiver and then remember that the Video Plus has a fold-out screen, and it’s hard to see how the Flip has a market.

I’m not in the market for a cheap video device at this point, but I’m fairly sure I’d think twice about the Flip. If they’d brought the new Flip Mino device straight over the pond it might have been a harder choice, but as it stands, I’d look at the alternatives.

Wait, doesn’t Posterous compete with Tumblr?

I like the concept of sending any file or content to Posterous by email, and the address is nice and easy to remember.

It’s worth noting that Tumblr lets me post via email too, though.

To prove the point I’m going to check and post this to both services 🙂

Interesting idea, blogging by email

One of the interesting things about Twitter has been the way in which its simple, multichannel interface has enabled it to grow rapidly (some might say too rapidly and too far).

So can blogging by email work well? this is certainly an intriguing concept.

Through the medium of a tag cloud – Wordle

A few people have recently pointed me at Wordle, a new tool created by Jonathan Feinberg. Jonathan is a researcher at IBM who brought the world some cool tools like Dogear.

The above tag cloud was generated from my tags and seems to sum up quite a lot of what I talk about here on my blog 🙂 Click through the image to see Wordle dynamically build a new cloud.

An interesting comparison – now look at the cloud generated by my CV… it’s fairly different.

Ian, Nick and Roo all beat me to the post, but I think it is interesting to see what people are doing with Wordle! I think this is going to be hugely useful for presentations etc., too.


Well it has been nearly a month without an update here. In case you are wondering, my internal blog at IBM has fared little better. As someone whose Moo cards until recently carried the word “blogger” (they now say “social bridgebuilder“), I should probably be trying a little harder.

The truth is, and this is a position I’ve always taken – keeping a blog going can require some effort. It’s not just the time thing… it’s having something to say and the energy to develop the thought into something meaningful. It’s not for everyone. Not only that, but the growth of other social media like Twitter (or the service I’ve been playing with more recently, Plurk) has certainly eaten into my blogging. It’s interesting that Fred Wilson and Ted Demopoulos have both observed the same thing lately – that their blogging has dipped as they have moved around other media.

So an update, for those interested… essentially things are as busy as ever, but I do recognise that I have things to share… there should (!) be more to follow.